What is Snapchat Spotlight? How to promote your videos on the TikTok-like feature of the app
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  • Post published:31/03/2021
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  • Snapchat’s Spotlight feature is a TikTok-like component for promoting viral videos from the Snapchat community. 
  • Anyone can submit videos to Spotlight from the top of the “Send To” page. 
  • Here’s everything you need to know about Spotlight on Snapchat, including tips for getting your snaps accepted.
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One way to know when a new social media platform is popular is when you see established social media apps mimicking what makes the new one successful. That’s the case with Snapchat’s Spotlight.

What to know about Snapchat’s Spotlight feature

The Spotlight feature on Snapchat is a dedicated tab in the Snapchat app (the last tab on the right) for promoting short viral videos from the Snapchat community, much like TikTok. 

But unlike TikTok, your Spotlight video won’t have a comments section, and other users won’t be able to see your display name unless you are 18 and older and have a public profile.  

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