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How to reset your AirPods when they're not syncing or charging

  • You can reset your AirPods if you’ve been experiencing difficulty with syncing or charging the Bluetooth headphones.
  • For regular AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max, resetting your headphones can be a quick fix for any bugs you may be experiencing.
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Apple’s AirPods have been revolutionary in the world of Bluetooth headphones. Thanks to proprietary technology, they sync to your devices intuitively so that it usually requires no thought or effort to use them.

That said, nothing is ever perfect, and like any technology, your AirPods might get a little buggy after you’ve had them a while. For example, AirPods have been known to have trouble syncing once you’ve added them to multiple devices. There are also sometimes issues with their ability to charge.

If you notice that your AirPods don’t seem to be functioning as smoothly as they once did, you don’t need to reach for your warranty just yet — try resetting them first. Returning the AirPods to factory settings usually fixes any issues and doesn’t take much time.

How to reset AirPods or AirPods Pro

1. Put your AirPods back in their case and close the lid for at least 30 seconds before beginning. Open the lid when you’re ready to start.

2. On your phone, open the Settings app and tap Bluetooth.

In Settings, select “Bluetooth.”
Melanie Weir/Insider

3. Scroll down the list of Bluetooth devices and find the name of your AirPods. Tap the “i” icon to the right.

Tap the “i” next to the name of your AirPods.
Melanie Weir/Insider

4. In the Bluetooth settings menu, tap Forget this device to remove the AirPods from your phone’s list of known devices.

Tap “Forget this device.”
Melanie Weir/Insider

5. With the AirPod case still open, hold down the setup button on the back for about 15 seconds, until the light starts flashing amber.

Hold down the setup button until the light starts flashing amber.
Melanie Weir/Insider

6. Follow the instructions on your phone’s screen to set your AirPods up again, exactly like you did the first time.

How to reset AirPods Max

1. Make sure to charge your AirPods Max for a few minutes before you reset them.

2. Hold down the Digital Crown and the Noise control button, both located at the top of one of the ear coverings, until the LED light at the bottom of the same ear covering flashes amber.

Alternatively, if you need to return them to factory settings, press and hold the Digital Crown and Noise control buttons for 15 seconds, until the amber flashes turn to white. From there, you can re-pair them with your iCloud account and your phone as though they were new.