How to enable cookies in Google Chrome on any device to improve your web browsing experience
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  • Post published:01/04/2021
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  • You can enable cookies in Google Chrome on your computer or Android from the Chrome Settings menu.
  • To enable all cookies in Chrome on your Mac, PC, or Android, select “allow all cookies” on the cookies settings page.
  • On an iPhone or iPad, Chrome cookies are always automatically enabled and can’t be turned off.
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Cookies are small text files used by websites to save information about you and your visit. If cookies are disabled in your Google Chrome app, web browsing is probably a bit harder for you than it needs to be. 

Cookies can customize your browsing experience, helping sites keep you logged in, know who you are, and remember your preferences. They can also remember what’s in your cart on shopping sites and display articles you’re interested in on news sites.

If you or someone else has disabled cookies in your Google Chrome web browser on a computer or mobile device, you can enable them again with just a few clicks.


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