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How to double space in Microsoft Word on different versions of the word processor

  • You can double space in Word for an entire document or selected paragraphs and increase the amount of space between your lines of text.
  • To double space in newer versions of Word, click on the Design tab and set your Paragraph Spacing to 2.0. 
  • In older versions of Word, including Word 2007-2010, you will need to go to the Styles section of the Home tab and in the Formatting menu click Double Space. 
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Whether you’ve been asked to double space a Word document or prefer to read double space documents, this formatting can be applied to an entire Word document or selected sections with just a few clicks. 

Double spacing increases the amount of space between lines of text and can be helpful to a teacher or editor in marking the document or adding comments. Double spacing a Word document will differ depending on which version of Word you have. 

Here are the steps for newer versions of Word and for Office 2007-2010.