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How to add page numbers to a Microsoft Word document header or footer on a PC or Mac

  • You can add page numbers in Word to the header or footer sections of your document.
  • Once you enable page numbers in the Insert menu, Word can automatically number all your pages.
  • Page numbers can come in a variety of styles, sizes, and fonts.
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Adding page numbers to long Microsoft Word documents takes just a few clicks. The pages are numbered automatically, so you don’t need to add them in one by one. 

You can have page numbers at the top or bottom of the page, and there are a variety of styles to choose from (top-right corner, bottom-center, et cetera). 

Here’s how to add page numbers in Word, using either a Mac or PC. 

How to add page numbers in Word on macOS

1. In the Insert tab of an open document, click the Page Number icon.

Select the Insert tab before clicking the Page Numbers button.
Abbey White/Insider

2. Select Page Number.

Select Page Number from the dropdown menu.
Abbey White/Insider

3. Choose where you want the page numbers to appear, as well as an alignment style.

Choose whether you want your page numbers in your header or footer.
Abbey White/Insider

4. Uncheck the “Show number on first page” box if you don’t want the first page of your document to be numbered.

5. If you want to choose a different numbering style, click Format and choose from the list of options.

You can make slight adjustments to your page number formatting.
Abbey White/Insider

6. Once you’re finished, click OK. They’ll appear immediately. If you want to edit them, you can double-click them in the header or footer.

How to add page numbers in Word on Windows

1. In an open document, click Insert. 

2. Choose Page Number.

Under the Insert tab select Page Numbers.
Abigail Abesamis Demarest/Insider

3. Select a location — either header or footer — for page numbers from the drop-down menu, then scroll through the style options and click the one you like best.

Choose the style of page number you want for your header or footer.
Abigail Abesamis Demarest/Insider

4. If you don’t want the first page or title page of your document numbered, go to the Design tab and choose Different First Page.

5. Select Page Number followed by Format Page Numbers.

Select format from the Page Number dropdown menu.
Abigail Abesamis Demarest/Insider

6. Click the circle next to “Start at:” and set the number to zero.

Set the Start at value to 0 to remove page numbers of the first page of your document.
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7. Select OK before choosing Close Header and Footer to finish editing.