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How to add a Thumbprint Radio station to Pandora and listen to all your favorite tracks in one place

  • You can add a Thumbprint Radio station to your Pandora account using the Search tool.
  • The Thumbprint Radio station features songs and artists you’ve given a thumbs-up, as well as similar music you might like.
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If you’ve used Pandora for a while, you know that you mark songs or artists that you like by giving them a thumbs up. Once you’ve thumbed-up enough tracks or artists, Pandora will automatically create a Thumbprint station for you. 

The Thumbprint Radio station includes all of the music that you’ve thumbed-up. It’ll also feature tracks and artists that are similar to what you’ve liked in the past, which makes Thumbprint stations a great way to find new music.

Here’s how to add a Thumbprint station to your Pandora account.

What is Pandora’s Thumbprint station

Unlike your Thumbprint Playlist, which only features your thumbed up songs, the Thumbprint Radio station is a mixture of content from practically any station type you’ve listened to. 

This tailored radio station includes all tracks you’ve thumbed up for as long as you’ve had your account, as well as similar tracks and artists that you might also like but haven’t yet discovered.

If you want to access this specialty station, you’ll need to have added at least three stations and have four thumbs upped tracks on each. 

Once you’ve met the requirements for a Thumbprint Radio station, here’s how to add it to your Pandora stations list. 

How to add Thumbprint Radio to Pandora on the desktop site

1. Open Pandora in your chosen web browser and sign in, if you haven’t already. 

2. Using the search bar at the top of the player dashboard, type in “Thumbprint Radio.” 

You’ll need to use the search bar to locate the station.
Abbey White/Insider

3. In the list of results, run your cursor over the Thumbprint Radio icon, and when the Play icon appears on the station art, click it. 

You can’t access the Thumbprint Radio station page until you click play on the album art.
Abbey White/Insider

4. If the station begins to play, it’s been added to your “My Collection” list. 

How to add Thumbprint Radio to Pandora on the mobile app

1. Open the Pandora mobile app and log into your account, if you haven’t already.

2. Tap the Search icon located in the app’s bottom menu bar. 

The Search tool is located between the My Collection and Profile icons.
Abbey White/Insider

3. Type in “Thumbprint Radio” and wait for the station to appear in the results. 

Tap the Thumbprint station to begin playing it.
Ron Lyons Jr./Insider

4. Tap the play icon to the right of the station result. It will automatically be added to your “My Collection” station list. If it doesn’t play, then you haven’t met the criteria for adding it.

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