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How much is WWE Network? How to access the wrestling streaming service for free or as a paid subscriber

  • WWE Network has free and paid tiers that offer different access points. 
  • The WWE Network’s paid subscription is $9.99 a month. 
  • WWE Network is the premiere over-the-top streaming service for wrestling, as well as a digital network providing linear programming.
  • The streaming service is home to hours upon hours of new original programming and the greatest events of its past, with an exclusive focus on wrestling.
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With WWE Network, you can watch the complicated drama and brutal smackdowns of professional wrestling whenever you want, wherever you want. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, as well as on Roku and Amazon streaming sticks, Apple TV and other set-top boxes, and various Smart TVs and gaming consoles. You can even view content on your PC by accessing the WWE website. 

World Wrestling Entertainment’s streaming channel has been around since 2014, and is now available all over the world. The service has original shows, including the animated series “Camp WWE” by “Robot Chicken” creator Seth Green, and all WWE’s pay-per-view events, the popular “WrestleMania” being one of them.

There are two subscription tiers: one is free, and the other is a paid subscription with much more content. We’ll cover the big differences and how to sign up for each.

How to access the free WWE Network version

WWE’s Network’s free version has one huge benefit — it’s not just a free trial. All you need is an email to sign up; no credit card required. The network says upwards of 15,000 titles are available through the free version, including:

  • “Raw Talk,” which streams Mondays after “Raw.”
  • Recent episodes of original series “Monday Night War,” “Photoshoot” and “Storytime.”
  • Select pay-per-view events from WWE’s past.
  • Weekly highlights.

Here’s how to access the free version.

1. Visit wwe.com/free.

2. Select “Start Watching Now.”

3. Enter your email and a password.

You will be directed to this page.
Vivian McCall/Business Insider

4. That’s it! You can begin watching.

But if you’re a big WWE fan, you’ll be missing out on extra content and the newest pay-per-view events. When selecting certain shows, you’ll hit a paywall and be asked to upgrade your account in order to view the show. When looking at the list of pay-per-view events, you’ll see a lock icon on shows you can’t watch.

You will see a similar screen when previewing content that is locked in the free version.
Vivian McCall/Business Insider

How to access the WWE Network paid subscription

If you live for wrestling, the paid subscription ($9.99 a month) may be for you. You’ll have access to everything on the site — one of the biggest selling points is access to all the newest pay-per-view content as soon as it’s out.

Here’s how to become a paid subscriber.

1. Visit this web page.

2. Enter your name and hit “Next.”

You’ll need to fill out your name in the first step of the subscribing process.
Vivian McCall/Business Insider

3. Enter your billing address and hit “Next.”

4. Enter your card number, expiration date and the name on your card.

5. Click confirm.

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