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Here's how many people can join a GroupWatch on Disney Plus to stream shows and movies together remotely

  • A maximum of seven people can join a Disney Plus GroupWatch.
  • If you share a Disney Plus account, up to four profiles can join the same GroupWatch.
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GroupWatch is a watch party feature in Disney Plus, Disney’s streaming platform. It allows you to watch any title on Disney Plus — whether it’s a movie, short, or TV show — with friends and family simultaneously and remotely. 

It’s a convenient feature during a global pandemic, as it allows friends and family to stay connected with a shared experience until we’re able to gather safely with those outside of our quarantine bubbles. 

But there are a few limitations in terms of group size when it comes to GroupWatch on DisneyPlus. Here’s what you need to know before you start inviting friends. 

How many people can join a Disney Plus GroupWatch

A maximum of seven people can join a GroupWatch at one time. This number includes the host — the person who initiates the GroupWatch and sends out invitations for people to join.

If you share a Disney Plus account, it’s important to note that up to four different profiles under the same account can join a GroupWatch. Unfortunately, kids’ profiles cannot be used with GroupWatch.

How Disney Plus GroupWatch limits compare to its competitors

While seven accounts might seem like a lot, it’s actually at the lower end when it comes to similar tools on competitor streaming sites. It also doesn’t require any purchases, which is not the case for group watching tools. 

Watch Party, the Hulu equivalent to Disney Plus GroupWatch, allows up to eight people for a Watch Party session. People who share a Hulu account can join using their individual profiles but must be at least 18 to join a Watch Party.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s Watch Party feature requires a Prime account, and each participant in the Watch Party must rent or buy the title beforehand if it’s not one that’s included with Prime membership. Up to 100 people can join an Amazon Watch Party.

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