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Galaxy SmartTags can help you find your lost items using Bluetooth and an app — here's how

  • Galaxy SmartTags are tags that you can put on your keys, remote, or other items to help you find them when they’re lost.
  • Once you sync a SmartTag with your Galaxy smartphone, you can use an app to find the tags or ping them.
  • You’ll need to be within about 130 yards of a SmartTag to locate it with your phone.
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When Samsung introduced the new Galaxy S21, it unveiled another new product at the same time: Galaxy SmartTags.

SmartTags are tracking devices that let you keep tabs on personal items that you lose often — items like your wallet, purse, keys, TV remote, backpack, and more. 

Samsung’s standard SmartTag is available for $29.99. 

If you’ve used or seen Tiles, SmartTags are essentially the same thing. There are a few key differences, however, which we’ll go over below.

How Galaxy SmartTags work

SmartTags work with your Samsung Galaxy phone to track down lost items.

SmartTags are very similar to other Bluetooth tracking products.

They’re small, measuring about 1.5 by 1.5 by 0.4 inches, and feature replaceable batteries. They clip to whatever item you want to track. When you’re within about 130 meters of the SmartTag, you can locate the item using an app on your smartphone. The app will have a gauge, showing how close or far you are from the SmartTag.

And of course, you can also use the app to make your SmartTag ring, which is a great feature if you’ve dropped your items between couch cushions or under a table.

One unique feature that SmartTags have is a connection to Samsung’s “Galaxy Find Network.” What this means is that if you lose a tagged item outside, and another Samsung smartphone user walks near it, you’ll get a notification on your own phone telling you where the SmartTag is.

Samsung phones that pass your SmartTag will send you an anonymous notification.

Galaxy SmartTags can also connect to other Samsung “SmartThing” devices in your home. You can sync a SmartTag with a Smart Bulb, for instance, which will let you press the button on your tag to turn the lights on and off.

The last difference that SmartTags have from Tiles is more of a limitation, unfortunately. While Tiles can work with both iPhone and Android devices, you’ll need to be using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to use SmartTags.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag
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